Earth day – 22nd April

Mother Earth give humans and other living being everything they require for life. To show that its importance is immense for all, Earth Day was started way back in 1970. This year in 2020, its Fiftieth anniversary! 

Earth Day

World Earth Day falls on 22nd April every year and this is considered as an annual event that is celebrated throughout the Globe in more than 193 countries. Although it is celebrated on 22 April in most countries Earth week is celebrated by celebrating on the weekends before and after.  

The main aim of defining a particular day for the earth was to create awareness among masses about their role in protecting Mother Nature. When it was started most people were not aware of environmental issues like toxic dumps, air pollutions and others. Today Earth Day is a special day when people do something for Mother Nature, be it as basic as cleaning up litter from their community!

History of Earth Day

It was 22nd Day of April in 1970 when Gaylord Nelson, a U.S. Senator then, from Wisconsin proposed that conservation of Nature should be a national priority. He being conservatism gathered other same minded people and made them understood that oil spills, pollutions from factories, pesticides and other hazards that something should be started. Finally the day was chosen. In response to his call about 20 million Americans which was about 10% of the total American population then, gathered in street for rallies and protesting against these hazards on nature.

It was until 1990 that this day became global. World Earth Day was celebrated on the 22nd Day of April, 1990. It was an effort by different environmental leaders who had decided to organize a major campaign worldwide for protecting Earth. They approached Denis Haynes and the result was that more than 200 million people from 141 countries participated in the event.

Earth Day

The first big achievement worldwide of this day was the starting of recycled products throughout the world. It also paved the way for the first-ever United Nations Earth Summit that was held in Rio De Janeiro. With this President Clinton also acclaimed Senator Nelson as the founder of Earth Day.

With time these environmentalists have taken up major issues that ensure that they take measures to save Earth from the lobbyists. It was 2009 when Disney had made a documentary film on Earth. Every year had its own way of celebrating the day dedicated to earth.

How we can save mother Earth

World earth day

Whether its Earth day or not you too can contribute your part for saving Earth. Just by doing a few things you can make sure that you are participating in the efforts. All you have to do is ‘think’ globally but ‘do it’ locally! 

Start with the basics and from your home. Save water. If you see any tap open close it! Whenever possible say goodbye to your vehicle and take public transport, there will be less pollution. Before you use any, think about whether it can be recycled. If possible do that. Use paper marginally to save trees. Above all Plant trees. They make the world green and reduce carbon dioxide.

Earth day quotes

The only things that every human being has in common are Earth where they are staying. Thus, to make them understand this, there are many Earth day quotes by different people. They are not only to motivate you but believe that you too can do a lot for Mother Earth by doing everything. Remember you do not have Earth from your Ancestors, but it is what you leave behind for your children, so do it wisely. 

Nature and coronavirus

22 april

Now, the world population is down with the pandemic of Corona Virus but in all this our Earth is healing. There are many such examples that show, due to lockdown many people may be having problems in leading the life they are habituated, but Earth is getting back what it had lost doe to civilization. 

The pollution level in all major cities has dropped like anything. Swans are found to be back in lakes. Dolphins are enjoying their time in harbors. These are just a few examples. There are many more such instances that show that earth is healing due to Coronavirus.

 ‘This year when its celebration of 50 years of happy earth day, 
  Earth is healing in its own way.’

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