How to score good marks in class 10 exam CBSE 2020?

How to score good marks in class 10 exam?

The CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) normally conducts exams of 10th class in March. Now the question is ‘How to score good marks in class 10 board exam?’ Students need proper guidance and study timetable for class 10 CBSE to ensure good marks. More commonly syllabus of 10th class is pretty vast, therefore, having a proper study plan to finish the syllabus is vital. Make sure to end your syllabus by the end of December. So that you can get enough time for revision, and finish sample papers.

Tips to prepare for class 10 board

How to score good marks in class 10 exam

Do you want to know How to score good marks in class 10 exam CBSE 2020? Here are some of the most effective tips to prepare your 10th class board exams 2020.
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1. Start at the right time

Although each student contains different learning capabilities. Therefore, it is not possible to mention a specific time to start learning. But still, it is always recommended to start preparing as early as possible to avoid exam result’s disappointment. However, ending your course by December is a common approach to prepare for the 10th class well which you must follow.

2. Understand paper pattern

10th class question papers usually consist of 3 different sections as below:

  • Section A: It contains 1-mark questions including VSA and MCQ type, or reason and assertion type questions. You have to answer these in one word.
  • Section B: This section contains normally 3 marks questions that you have to answer in 50 to 60 words.
  • Section C: This section of the paper comprises 5 marks questions that you need to answer in 80 to 90 words.

3. Make a proper study plan

Without proper planning, it will be hard for you to reach your target. Therefore, it is always essential to create a proper timetable which will let you be prepared for upcoming CBSE board exams in a more effective way. Make sure to spare sufficient time for self-study. So that you can easily achieve some prefix study targets effectively.
To have an effective study plan, it is always better to allot a specific time for each subject but make it in a way which you don’t feel hectic at all.

4. Make notes of important questions

Making short notes for an important question during preparation will make revision easier for you. Prepare notes to ensure effective last-minute revision easier. To highlight important questions, you can use a highlighter too.

5. Revise NECRT book properly

It is always highly recommended for 10th class students to revise their NCERT textbooks properly. It is because question papers of board exams are based on these textbooks. Therefore, exercise questions of textbooks are highly important to consider.

6. Practice past year papers

Students are always highly suggested to solve more of past years’ papers which are pretty easy to avail from the market. Practice this strategy once you have done with the revision of your entire syllabus. It is because practicing past question papers will certainly help you to track your level of preparation. As well as this will let you know where you are lacking.

7. Tips to prepare science subjects

Here we have some tips to prepare science subjects:

  • The physics paper consists of conceptual questions. Therefore, make sure to go through concepts and formulas properly.
  • Chemical reactions are an important part of chemistry paper. So, prepare accordingly.
  • Biology paper usually comprises complex diagrams. Therefore, you are always advised to practice drawing labeled diagrams.
  • Always revise your answer before writing that on the answer sheet for a more effective attempt.

To help students finding better ways to prepare for their 10th class board exams 2020, here we mentioned some effective tips. These tips will certainly help you to avoid exam stress and increase your opportunity to score high.

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Now you got the answer to the question (How to score good marks in class 10?), It’s now time to work on what you have just read.

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