RD Sharma class 10 Maths book 2020-21

RD Sharma class 10 Maths book is the most recommended book for class 10th boards preparation.
Following are some of it’s salient features:

  • Best selling book for class 10th Mathematics CBSE
  • Designed as per the latest CBSE syllabus.
  • Detailed solutions to important questions.
  • Vast number of example questions with solutions,
  • Previous years questions also included.
  • Syllabus is divided in two parts.


RD Sharma class 10 Maths book

RD Sharma is a must have book for class 10th boards preparation.RD Sharma class 10 Maths book Important and difficult sums of Mathematics has been solved step wise with proper explanation so that the student can understand the concept better. This is the latest edition as per the new CBSE syllabus penned by Dr. RD Sharma. The RD Sharma class 10 Maths book contains equations, formulas, and theorem elucidated in simple, easy to understand format.
The entire syllabus of this book is divided into two categories. The first category contains the first seven chapters and the second category contains the remaining 8 to 16 chapters.

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